Bach Flower Remedies

One thing I learnt and was very appreciative for when I was part of TASK was the power of Bach flower remedies, and how they can really help deal with and clear emotional/negative mental states. Their power to resolve and help to dissolve feelings of Sadness, feelings of not being Validated, feelings of Grief, Fearful feelings, and Anger is quite amazing, particularly when used with Kinesiological techniques.

For example using Kinesiology, you can muscle test any remedy, against any weak muscle. If a remedy is relevant the muscle will go strong, this indicates that there is an emotional issue attached to the weakness, the person does not even have to know what the emotion is. Although when told what the remedy helps with, it may well prompt the person to remember the problem and you can then help further with E.S.R.!

For the individual as well as a therapist the Colour Card Test is a combination of Max Luscher's color test and Dr Bach's studies, and is an extremely valuable short cut to finding the best Bach Remedy for any situation. (Max Luscher was a Swiss psychotherapist known for inventing the Luscher color test, a tool for measuring an individual's psychophysical state based on his or her color preferences.) (Edward Bach was an English doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath, and spiritual writer, best known for developing the Bach flower remedies, a form of alternative medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions.)

You can obtain the full set of remedies from Healing Herbs (Tel: 01873 890218) or buy them individually, although even for family use I would strongly recommend the full boxed set.

The Remedies are great for children and they really enjoy the colour cards 'game' which may guide you to find out what is going on emotionally, when they might not even know, or not able to express it.

Another very effective treatment is to put the remedies on topically to weak muscles or problem areas when an emotion is involved to communicate and reassure the body it is getting what it needs and that the problem is being dealt with and therefore can let it go!

Below is the list of Bach Flower Remedies. It shows what each one could address, emotional OR physically and the positive results that could be gained.

Remedy Addresses Positive Results

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